• Testimonial – Jenna + Evan’s Rustic, Woodsy Wedding at The Country Lodge

    Here’s a great review from one of our happy clients. We love receiving testimonials or news that your wedding has been featured on another site. Please let us know if this happens as we would love to preview and link to it from our site too. Jenna + Evan’s Rustic, Woodsy Wedding at The Country

  • One Wedding Planning Mistake You Can Avoid

    One of the biggest mistakes that brides & groom make to save a couple of hundred dollars is to have a friend play the music or using an IPOD! Imagine your wedding day, you are holding your new groom in your arms and you are both ready for your first dance. All of your friends and

  • Couple bring their personality to their wedding day!

    Jill and Kevin met when Kevin’’s childhood friend, Jeff, married Jill’s college friend, Ann, in 2005. They were both in the wedding party. Jill could not resist Kevin’s wit and charm. Kevin could not resist Jill’s intellect, nor her remarkable dance moves. We have been through a lot in life, but have come through each

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