One Wedding Planning Mistake You Can Avoid

By djhotline

One of the biggest mistakes that brides & groom make to save a couple of hundred dollars is to have a friend play the music or using an IPOD!

Imagine your wedding day, you are holding your new groom in your arms and you are both ready for your first dance.
All of your friends and family are watching with anticipation, the lights are low and love is in the air.
But wait… what is that sound coming from those speakers in the corner?   Silence.
Worse yet, your cousin Fred has a puzzled look on his face as he frantically tries to find the right song on his I-Pod.

What you are feeling right now is exactly what countless brides who thought they would save a few hundred dollars on a DJ have felt when they asked a friend to play some songs at their wedding.

There is so much more than just playing music that goes on at a wedding.
Who is going to announce  the first dances?
Who is going to keep things flowing, making sure that your guests know where to go and when to get there?
Who is going to let them know when it’s time for their table to go to the buffet line so the line isn’t one hundred guests long?
Who is going to tell them what to expect next?
Who is going to make sure there are no uncomfortable pauses throughout the night?
Who will get your guests excited about the customary formalities like the mother & son dance, the father & daughter dance, the garter and bouquet toss?

The answer, if you are smart, is a Professional DJ.    This is YOUR wedding. Your DJ will make or break the day. You owe it to yourself to hire a professional.


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